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-Sugar, we're going down swingin'- [entries|friends|calendar]

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- wow.. [17 Dec 2005|02:06am]
[ mood | - calm - ]

ok- i know this is going to be very hard to believe but.. i have been out shopped.. lol- yeah i know- me.. being out shopped - it doesnt seem possible- but it is.. well anyways i went shopping with my stepsister Randy.. &&- i have never seen anyone that has to go to every store and look at every single thing- but anyways- ive learned not to go to the mall with her when she just got her paycheck -- lol.. - we left at 6 and didnt get home til almost 11:30- but other than that nothing has really happened.. i started dating someone last night- but its like 2 in the morning- and im watching a good movie so ima go- ttyl-

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- idk - [16 Dec 2005|02:40pm]
- well i dont have anything to really write about- but i thought i would comment so atleast you all would know i was still here- lol.. but yeah i think im done- comment me-
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well- [25 Nov 2005|06:58pm]
nothing really has happened- except me && justin broke up.. && its alot better off this way.. im alot more happier- were just a whole lot better off as friends- ya know?.. but yeah- well i went to tiger last monday- at mullins- well the varsity played the teachers && the funny thing is that the teachers whooped um- it was a fun game- i played basketball w/ them after the game.. && its official -- i cant play basketball worth a lick.. i shot about 3786386457864387 times.. && made it 1 time- lol.. but yeah- thanksgiving was awesome.. lots of food and family- always good.. i was w. my mom thanksgivin' day and i came to my dads that night- && he lives 10 minutes from Huntington mall- and they had that big sale today.. it was great- we went there early in the morning- i bought alot of pretty things- && then we came home- && me && my stepsister randy-- && my dad all watched Kicking && Screaming- i didnt like it - i thought it was mostly boring- but it did have some funny parts in it- but i think i am going to go.. ttyl- love ya'll-

- stephanie -
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[13 Nov 2005|03:38am]
[ mood | - i love him- ]

- well theirs not much to write about except - im dating Justin Blanton- hes such a sweetheart - he rly makes me happy - && im going to Brittanys .. i think today- but yeah its like 3:40 in the morning and i dont feel like writing in my livejournal - so im gonna go.. i love you all..

- stephanie -

- i love Justin Blanton..

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friends.. [12 Nov 2005|09:39pm]
[ mood | loved- ]

i promised a really good friend that i would dedicate a entire journal entry to them.. so here it goes-

hey hunn.. you don't even understand how great of a friend you are- i seriously don't know what i would have done w/o you these past 2 years.. i can tell you anything and know that it wont leave us- we have had soo many great memories.. hm- like - the soap fight- ice fight.. me not believing that you threw them in the toliet- our "sunshine" dance- both of your sleep overs- the walk- the best thing about being me is not being you- this is fronce and i like talking to my ass- hahaha. - its pretty nice-- hahaha- the sub- bolgna and dorritos- gigli- all the football games- my demonstartion on how to flirt and get a guy- valentines day fight- all our little fights- and soo many more..

your such a great friend- i know i could call you crying and you would do anything to make it better- uve had to do it a couple times- shew.. u have helped w/ soo many things.. your a true best friend.. i love you babe!!.. thanks for everything- I LOVE YOU

erika nicole and stephanie lynn bffs FOREVER-

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-idk- [08 Nov 2005|10:38am]
[ mood | -thinking- ]

ahh.. sorry i haven't been updating- shew.. just havent felt like it lately- but.. nothings really happened lately exspecially- shew.. im having some bad boy problems.. im not gonna tell everyone- if ur my friend.. you know whats going on- but anyways- im redoing my bathroom.. im gonna paint it the same color as my room.. hot pink and lime green- its gonna be pretty.. but i dont have anything to write about- so im gonna go.. i love ya'll-
-comment guys*


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brandon- [22 Oct 2005|05:28pm]
[ mood | - i miss brandon slone* ]

-sorry i havent updated .. this has been an awful week- one of my best friends in the entire world died in a car crash wenseday and i miss him soo much- its been soo hetic- w/ funerals and crying- it just doesnt seem real- i wanna wake up and this just be a night mare but i know that wont happen- but i gotta keep on goin'- please comment or talk to me- i rly need u all right now.

Brandon Hi Slone.. u dont even realize how much i miss you- and how much i just wanna call u a loser and make fun of u- but i cant- but i know ull always be watching over me- i love u more than u could ever imagine- 2/21/87-10/19/05

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old memories- [18 Oct 2005|11:03pm]
[ mood | -sleepy- ]

aww-.. well today has been full of OLD memories- well to start it off.. my rly good friend Lindsey came back to Pikeville.. WOOH..-lol i love her- and then im sure most of u know- i used to go to Millard- and i went to their game today and it was soo sad.. i saw all my lil ppl and they have all changed.. Pikeville won like 50-15? or something- lol but i just wanted to update but im gonna go.. l8ter*

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-friends.. [17 Oct 2005|09:45pm]
[ mood | cheerful- ]

-i wanna make a give a thanks to all my friends that have supported me in everything i do.. you all could never realize how much all the little things you have done mean to me- idk what i would do with out u all- i probably wouldnt have been able to made it- heres a few of um- that have never turned away- i love u all soo much-

-Emily Wiest-
-Erika Quaine-
-Haley Raschella-
-Holly Fleming-
-Sam Thacker-
-Amber Taylor-
-Brandon Slone-
-Annie Carter-
-Brittany Carter-

-i wanna thank u all for everything u all have done for me.. i would have never made it rhis far if it hadnt of been for u all-

* and if ur not on this list- that doesnt mean ur not a friend and i dont love u- i must love u or u wouldnt be a friend but these r just the ppl i know for a fact i could turn to about nething- and i could count on.. dont take that the wrong way.. i just dont think of u that way yet-

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wow.. doin' good soo far- [17 Oct 2005|12:18pm]
[ mood | bored- ]

ok- well nothings happened today.. we didnt have school today- they had a teacher planning thing- and neways.. i woke up and have done absolutely nothing- im waiting for all the other schools to let out but until then- IM BORED.. lol- but yeah.. idk what else to write except "EMILY GO FOR IT" .. lol but yeah heres a survey answer it...

-What is your name?
-Are we friends?
-On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot am I?
-Out of these words, which one(s) best describes me? (shy, funny, outgoing, annoying, sexy, nice, friend)
-What song reminds you of me?
-What celebrity do I most remind you of?
-What is our best memory?
-If you could give me anything in the world, what would it be?
-How nice am I, on a scale from 1-10?
-What's the thing you like most about me?
-What's the thing you like least about me?
-What's my most noticeable feature?
-Do you love me or know anyone that does?
-DO you hate me or know anyone that does?
-Are you going to put this on your journal?

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finally- [16 Oct 2005|08:18pm]
[ mood | bitchy- idk why tho* ]

well im gonna start updatin' everyday.. or every other day.. something- im gonna try.. lol.. shew- but now that im wantin' to write in it nothings happening lol- but oh well hopefully something will.. but neways- i wanna say im RLY sorry to justin norman- for those of u who werent there- me and justin were playing around- and im kinda short- and hes alot taller than me and he had me in a head lock and i was gonna elbow him in the stomach and i didnt realize how low down i was and i hit him somewhere else- but yah- justin im sorry- but other than that nothin' has happened.. except for last friday the 7th.. one of my rly good friends and his family passed away in a plane crash- max julie and hermon lester- we love and miss u-
but im gonna go- i love ya'll

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-wow.. [03 Oct 2005|02:08pm]
[ mood | dorky-hah- idk why? ]

-uh.. ew- i just read my last entry and even tho it wasnt that long ago.. and i think about it now- thats soo nasty - eww lord.. lol- but yeah nothings rly happened.. except this has been a fun weekend.. friday-went to the PC game and then saturday got rdy and went to Homecoming- it was soo much fun-thx to everyone that was there- u all made it even better.. and then we went out to eat.. and uh my food fell all over me- uhh! it was awful and then when we were getting in the car i fell .. shew- shawn goff about died- everytime something happened to me he died laughing but oh well- but i guess hes just used to how clumsy i am but oh well- and then sunday me and britt went to walmart and got pics from homecoming-they were soo pretty.. and then something happened and me and britt cried.. but im not fgonna tell everyone- but yeah- its all better now.. but im gonna go- bye love ya'll--

effin' sexy!

ok..its all over now- [10 Sep 2005|03:20pm]
[ mood | why cant u just realize it- ]

ok yeah i havent updated and its time to let it all out.. im not over u-its been almost 2 months and your still not out of my mind-everytime i go outside on the back deck and lay on my swing i see ur face over top of me looking down at me..and everytime i look at the pool-i think about me u and erika swimming..how u drenched us in water w/ a flower pot and how u could always make me laugh-and those sweet little kisses that could make me feel soo much better when everything else was awful-and how at the 4th of july i watched the fireworks in ur arms i felt like everything was perfect..i had never felt this way about anyone before-and ive dated ppl after we broke up..and i have never felt the same way over weeks that i felt w/ you in 1 day..i need u back-i cant go on w/ just the memories of you..so if u read this just think about everything we had..
i will always love you..

effin' sexy!

this is soo sad-i had to repost it.. [29 Aug 2005|04:59pm]
[ mood | sleepy-been at school* ]

Her friend swerved to avoid a truck.... hitting a tree instead
Her friend was killed instantly....she’s in critical condition

This is the conversation between her sister and her boyfriend

Sister: omg ( crying )
Boy: what? what’s wrong ?
Sister: my sister...your girlfriend was involved in a major car wreck
Boy: is she ok ? ?????
Sister: shes in critical condition
Boy: i'll be there in 10 minutes
He shows up to the hospital room ...standing outside the door
going over the last conversation in his mind over and over as he
heard the machines beep and beep and breathing tubes pump
Boy: she wanted to give me something or tell me something
Girls mom: yeah this...
it was an envelope smelling like she did sealed with a kiss in lipstick
he opened it...
it said ..... Your everything to me....i love you with everything i am
and everything i have...i want to spend the rest of my life with you
sealed in it was a ripped movie ticket from the first movie they went to
and the first picture they took together
he kissed the picture as a tear fell from his face onto the picture
it looked as if in the picture she was crying
then the machines flatlined....3 minutes later she was pronounced dead
If you have any heart...any soul...or want to be happy you will repost this.
if you care for someone ...do not let something like this ever happen

Post this in the next 200 seconds and you WILL have THE best
day of your life THIS SATURDAY. You're number one *love* Will
either kiss you, ask you out, or call you or better. If
you break this chain you will have a lousy day on Saturday

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just updating- [26 Aug 2005|11:28pm]
i have rly nothing to say -i just thought i would write something to let ya'll know im not dead-but im gonna go l8ter..
effin' sexy!

how much? [12 Aug 2005|05:32pm]
i got bored-and i have nothing else to write and i was wondering-i wonder who all loves me-so if u love me leave me a comment and tell me that u love me*
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Idk- [10 Aug 2005|05:43pm]
[ mood | -sleepy-barely slept* ]

Shew-not alots happened since the last time I updated except for-Panama was alot of fun-and I moved into my new house-um-school starts back soon so thats pretty much it-but i rly dont feel like writing much-so im gonna go later*

effin' sexy!

-aw.. [22 Jul 2005|02:40am]
[ mood | excited-panama! ]

hey ya'll-yay leaving for panama in 20 minutes woooh!-cant wait..just picture me and shylebra at panama-i know what ur thinking im never going back-haha..but we wont cause that much damage-but we will leave our mark i promise that no matter what they will remember when we were there-haha..its gonna be soo much funn-but yeh were heading out on our way..a nice 14 hours drive but were stopping in alanta for the night..HOTEL RAID-haha..too funny-were gonna be known world wide..new story on the 6 oclock news haha-the sad thing is that'll prolly actually happen oh well-and i made my lj all pretty -well shy did -thanks shy i love you!-but yeah i think me and shylebra r gonna go cheack and make sure we packed everything and change put some make up on-u know hah..but im gonna miss you all-dont be strangers-call me 205 6682-love ya'll-be good while im gone..dont let anything happen w/ me not here-

"Shylebra and Stephanie Panama City '05"-"itll never be the same"

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-PANAMA CITY- [21 Jul 2005|10:34am]
[ mood | beach! ]

-today me and shy are leaving for panama wooh-so i wont be here for about a week and a half-soo call my cel fone-205 6682-love ya'll and miss yuns-

-panama will never b the same-"Steph and Shy '05"


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-shew- [19 Jul 2005|04:55pm]
[ mood | -crushed-i miss him soo much- ]

well me and patrick broke up and it sucks cause know i miss him-and its even worse cause we were like one week from like 3 months..shew-and earlier b4 we broke up we were talking about him coming to see me before i left for panama-goshh its terriable but im gonna go-

-i miss you..

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[19 Jul 2005|01:05pm]
[ mood | -rushed-i have 2 much 2 do- ]

Well, I havent really been in the best mood-me and Patrick have been fightin-and I hate it cause I'm crazy over him-and idk it just kills me-but i dont feel like explaining and telling everyone why were fighting so msg me-and i might tell you-but anyways yeah to top it off ihave a dentist appt tommorow :(-darn-i hate those-but for a actual good thing me and Shylebra are going to Panama on thurday its gonna be great I can't wait-but yeah i have to pack for that-i havent even started yet and plus I have to box up stuff from my room where were moving soo im gonna be busy but im goona go start boxing up stuff-ttyl-luv ya*

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-how much do you know about me? [16 Jul 2005|12:12am]
[ mood | -crazy-lol its me? ]

heres a list of survery questions i stole from someones journal..and i want u to answer them in a post-thank u*

1…What’s my full name?-
2…When’s my b-day?-
3…About how tall am I?-
4…What color are my eyes?-
5…What’s one thing that stands out about me? Physically-
6…What do you like about my personality?-
7…What’s my favorite color?-
8…What’s my favorite number?-
9…What’s my favorite movie(s)?-
10…What’s my favørite tv show right now?-
11…What’s my favorite subject?-
12…What’s my favorite animal?-
13…What’re my parent’s names?-
14…How many animals do I have?-
15…Who was my last boyfriend?-
16…Who am I crushin on these days?-
17…Who do you think I should date?-
18…Am I trustworthy?-
19…Am I nice?–
20…Am I fun to be around?-
21…Am I pretty or hott?-
22…Could I change in anyway?-
23…Would you hug me?-
24…Would you be there if I needed a shoulder to cry on?-
25…Do I have a temper?-
26…Last one, what’s one bad thing and one good thing you can say about me?-

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hey hun-its erika [14 Jul 2005|03:01pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hey slut bucket-lol-its ur hooker yeah i got bored so i thought id hit ya up with some major updating-lol-ok enough of the stupid ghetto talk. ok..relaly im gonna go im on the phone w/ madison. i ♥ him-lol*
mucho amor
(much love in spanish)

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-wooh!- [27 Jun 2005|10:15am]
[ mood | exhausted- ]

-well this has actually been a funn weekend-uhh saturday day i went down to the pikeville pool w/ josh burke-joey white-bisquit-cory cherchio-lincoln ratliff-some john dude-and their was the 2 gurls down there that we talked to-they used to date joey-but umm we only talked to them like 2wice-but that was rly funn-lol-and then that afternoon i came home and uhh me and mom packed up and went down to our cabin on Cave Run-and me-my sister-matt (my sisters b/f)-mom-and my grandparents- were all down there-soo it was funn-we cooked out-soo it was pretty goood-and then that morning around like 6 me-mom-court (my sis)-and matt-headed out to Kings Island!-lol it was soooo much funn-when we first got there we rode this one ride called "Face Off"-omg lol it was funn but scary!-lol im scared of hieghts but ya know i screamed alot but it was rly funn-it took u like a 100 and some feet in the air and just dropped u-and like it went thru all theese loops it was great!-and then omg-me and matt rode the "Drop Off"-and it rly was a dropp off-like i said im terrified of heights but matt was like stephanie ull b fine ride it w/ me-soo me and him got up the and i read sign about how it takes u 300 feet in the air!!-i was like freaking out-and when we finally got on it-and we got like halfway up-matt was like trying to scare me-omg stephanie look how high up we are-omg whats that noise-i hope it doesnt break-and im over there like shaking-then they got u to the top and held u there for a couple minutes-or what felt like hours!-and matt was like stephanie dont look down-and u no when someone tells u that-wats the first thing ur gonna do!-lol look down-and i did-lol omg it was sooo freaking high-i was sitting there literally shaking-and then it just dropped us-i screamed the whole way down-because it was soo scary-but it also felt rly cool-it was like we were weightless but it was still SCARY!-lol then we went to my moms job picnic-lol got done w/ that and we were off to put out bathing suits on cause we decided we were gonna do the water park while it was daytime and do the regural rides in the night-but i got umm distracted on the way to the lockers-lol i saiw meet ur favorite nicktoons-lol it was called "Nickelodeon Theater"-and i was like please please!-lol soo they let me go down there-and anyways-i gotta meet Spongebob Square Pants-Patrick-Blues Clues-Dora-Cozmo and Wanda-Big Bill-i think tahts about it-but then i think we left-lol soo then were walking and umm we saw scooby-shaggy-and all them were out by their ride and of course we had to meet them lol!!-WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE!-lol but then we went and piut our bathing suits on and went to the water park-we rode the water logs-and we did theese big slid things-and mom fell out of the float HAHA!-and we went in the alzy river -and me courtney and matt went in this big like foutain water thing lol-and we werre running in it w/ the little ens'-lol=and then we went in the nickoleodeon thing-where like everywhere u go stuff will fall on u hah-or spray at u -soo all that was rly funn-and then we went and changed into our normal clothes and we went and rode other rides-like the son of beast-and all that i dont feel like explaining all theese cause my hands r getting tired-but lets just say the son of beat is the scariest rollercoaster in the U.S-or one of them-atleast thats what they said-and it was pretty scary-lol but we rode rides all night-then we watched the fire works-and we took pictures and then left out to go back to the cabin-we got there around 3 something and we stayed all night there-and then left early this morning at like 7 and now were home lol-soo-well im gonna go-l8ter*

effin' sexy!

[25 Jun 2005|12:03pm]
lol on my survevy i forgot 1 of my sisters--lol shes great!!-lol amber champlin--i love her-sorry i didnt put u on there-luv ya sis-
effin' sexy!

survey-- [23 Jun 2005|02:41pm]
[ mood | amused-lol idk why? ]

1: piercings? 5
2: tattoos? none
3: height? 5'3"
4: shoe size? 8
5: hair color? brown
6: siblings? court-miranda-phillip-stacey-shae-steph*


1: food? french fries and hamburger
2: thing to do? talk to my friends and hang out with them
3: thing to talk? idk
4: sports? track and football-lol dont play that tho
5: drinks? sprite
6: clothes? a&f-a&e-hollister
7: holiday? x mas


1: ever cried over a girl? yeah a friend-
2: ever cried over a boy? yea
3: ever lied to someone? yea
4: ever been in a fist fight? yup
5: ever been arrested? nahh


1: of times I have been in love? 1
2: of times I have had my heart broken? too many times to count
3: of hearts I have broken? i think
4: of girls I have kissed? none
5: of boys I have kissed?idk a few
6: of girls I've slept with? none!
7: of boys I've slept with? none
8: of drugs taken illegally?none
9: of friends: alot
10: of people I consider my enemies? bout 2 or 3-
11: of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? about 3 or 4 times-
12: of scars on my body? like maybe 2?
13: of things in my past that I regret? theres a couple things..

1: pretty? idk-
2: funny? i can be at times..
3: hot? idk-
4: friendly? yeah
5: amusing? lol yeah buddy
6: ugly? i dont think so-
7: caring? yeah
8: sweet? haha yeah-unless i dont like u-
9: dorky? probaly-


1: Wallet? lol never use one-i just stuff things in my purse-
2: Hairbrush? silver and black
3: Toothbrush? pink and blue
4: Jewelry worn daily? necklace-a ring-and bracelet-maybe ankle
5: Pillow cover? pink
6: Blanket? pink
7: Sunglasses? tan squared off
8: Underwear? umm-
9: CD in stereo right now? none-lol
10: Tattoos? none
11: Piercings? 5
12: What you are wearing now? a black cami-and pink and black shorts-
14: In my head? nuttin
15: Wishing? hmm-if i tell it onwt come true?
16: After this? huh?
17: Person you wish you could see right now? patrick
18: Is next to you right now? noone im home alone-
19: Your Mood? actually pretty good one-
20: The last thing you ate? cheetos-
21: Something that you are deadly afraid of? clowns-
22: Do you like candles? yeah
23: Do you like the taste of blood?eww no thats like wierd and nasty!
24: Do you believe in love? Of course
25: Do you believe in soul mates? definately
26: Do you believe in Heaven? yep
27: Do you believe in God? yep
28: What do you want done with your hair when it falls out? buy a wig
29: If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? a dog
30: What color are the walls in your room? pink
31: Can you eat with chopsticks? i have
32: What's your favorite coin? idk
33: What are some of your favorite candies? anything chocolate
34: What's something that you wish people would understand? me-
35: What's something you wish you could understand better? life-and the things that happen
36: What is something that you really wish was still around? my uncle delbret-and my mamaw-


1: Slept in your bed? me-
2: Saw you cry? mom
3: Made you cry? umm i dont remember?
4: Spent the night at your house? emily-
5: You shared a drink with? i cant remember
6: You went to the movies with? uhh a big group of ppl-
7: You went to the mall with? my sis-
8: Yelled at you? sis
9: Came round your house and ate coo coo pops? idk


1.Wearing: black cami-and pink and balck shorts-
2.Listening to: the tv
3.Thinking of: idk-lol nothing-its not that easy

1.Bought: i dont remember-
2.Ate and drank:cheetos and sprite-
3.Watched on TV:date my mom!

1.Achiever or slacker: idk-
2.Beer or cider: idk
3.Cats or dogs: both-
4. Your place or mine: either..
5.Pen or pencil: pencil
6.Gloves or mittens: gloves
7.Food or candy: both
8.Cassette or CD: cd
9.Coke or Pepsi: coke
10.Beach or water park: beach

1.Kill: no one
2.Hear from: patrick
3.Look like: lol-idk-
4.Be like: no one i wanna be like me and no one else
5.Avoid: haha idk

1.Touched: idk
2.Talked to: patrick-on the phone-
3.Hugged:mom-lol when she left for work
4.Instant messaged: andrew price-
6.Who broke your heart: idk-

1.Eat: in my kitchen--or room-
2.Dance: idk..anywhere..
3.Cry: wherever i feel like it
4.Wish you were: at the bahamas-

1.Dated one of your best friends? yea
2.Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? yes
3.Drank alcohol? maybe..
4.Done drugs:? no!!
5.Broken the law: nope
6.Ran away from home: nope
7.Broken a bone: nope but almost did
8.Cheated on a test: yea, who hasn't?
9.Skinny-dipped: nope
10.played truth or dare: yep
11.Flashed someone: nope
12.Mooned someone: nope
13.Kissed someone you didn't know: no
14.Been on a talk/game show: no!
15.Been in a fight: yep
16.Ridden in a fire truck: no
17.Been on a plane: yea
18.Come close to dying: yeah-w/ shylebra-lol!
19.Cheated on a boy/girlfriend: once
20.Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride: yeah-bisquit-at lindseys-haha
21.Eaten a worm: nope
22.Swam in the ocean: yup

1.Your bedroom like? clean now.. lol mom did it-
2.Your favorite thing for breakfast? hashbrowns-
3.Your favorite thing for lunch? french fries
4.Your favorite thing for dinner? chicken
5.Your favorite Restauraunt? fuddruckers-

1.Good At Sports?: depends what it is-
2.Good At water-skiing? lol idk if im good at it-but its fun=
3.A Good Singer?: no
6.A good Actor/Actress?: lol idk
8.A Good Dancer? no
9.Shy? not rly
10.Outgoing?: yeah

ohhh and by the way nothings happened latley lol-well ill write later-cyah*

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:(- [14 Jun 2005|11:44pm]
[ mood | sad-it suxs* ]

umm-some things have happened and idk ive been thinking about it lately-and for all those nosey ppl hahah-im not posting it for the world to see but if u wanna know rly bad-u can ask me and im sure ill tell u lol-but i rly dont wanna write much-bye*

..*..ill always love u..*..

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survey- [05 Jun 2005|02:18pm]
[ mood | gosh u turn me on- ]

(name): Stephanie Lynn Bowyer-
(nicknames): Uhh-Rather not say-
(birthday): April 5th-

(current age): 13-
(current location): Shylebra's house-
(eye color): Blue-
(hair color): Brown-
(height): 5'3-
(any siblings): 6-Includin Step sisters-
(name of siblings): Courtney-Miranda-Phillip-Stacy-Stephanie-Shannon
(any pets): Dogs-and-Cats
(all i need is) Me-
(if i could see one person right now who would it be) Tim Mcgraw-or Trent Ford
(I’m afraid of): Thunder Storms-Boogey man-Dark-Clowns-Rapers-Murders-Muggers-Snakes-

Have You Ever..
(been in love?): Yeah-
(said I love you and meant it?): Yeah-
(cried when someone died?): Yeah-
(lied?): No-lol-Duh everyones lied before-
(stolen anything?): No-
(drank?): I hate drinking-
(cried over a boy?): Yup-
(cried over a girl?): Yeah-but not in that way-over a friend and my grandma-
(fallen for your best friend?): Yeah-but it was a boy
(made out with just a friend?): Yeah-lol-and it was a boy-
(been rejected): Not rly-dont ask guys out-
(rejected someone): Yeah-
(used someone?):Nah-
(been used?): Idk-
(been cheated on? Yeah-
(cheated on someone?): Yeah-but regret it-
(done something you regret?)yeah-

(food): Hmm-Idk-
(fruit): oranges-
(candy): Snickers-
(color): Pink-
(number): 3-
(drinks): Sprite-
(book): A message in a bottle-
(room): My Room-
(song): You and Me-

Do You…
(habla español?): I think that means speak spanish-if so yeah-lol-my uncle owns a mexican resturant so i kinda have to?-
(color your hair?): No-
(write in cursive or print?): Depends-
(Sleep with stuffed animals?): Yeah-
(have a boyfriend?): Yeah-Patrick
(have a girlfriend?): Nah-lol-not a lesbian-
(have a tattoo?): Yeah-
(have any piercings?): My ears-and my belly button
(cheat on test/homework?): Nah-
(swear a lot?): Nope-
(believe in God?): Yes!-
(pray?): Yeah-
(go to church?): Yeah-
(believe that Satan exists?): Yeah-
(have secrets?): Yeah-
(have a best friend?): Yeah-alot lol-
(like your handwriting?): Not rly-
(stay on aim, waiting for someone special to IM you? Nope-dont have aim-i have icq tho?
(wish you were a member of the opposite sex?): Yeah-lol-men have it soo much easier-
(cried because of someone saying something to you?): Not really-

Are You…
(able to live without the computer?): Yeah-
(bored?):Nah-im at shylebras-u can never be bored here-
(happy?): Yeah-
(confused?): I dont have anything to be confused about?
(tired?): Nope-I just woke up-
(mad?): Nope-
(afraid of death?): No-

(makes you laugh the most?): My friends-
(makes you smile?): My friends-and patrick-
(gives you a funny feeling when you see them?): Patrick-
(do you have a crush on someone?): Yeah-patrick-
(has a crush on you?): yupp-well i would hope patrick would-hah
(easiest to talk to?): my friends-
(gives you advice?): most of my friends-

The Last Person Who…
(you talked to on the phone?): Brandon-patricks cousin hah-
(you hugged?) Patrick-
(you instant messaged?): Emily Wiest-
(instant messaged you?): Emily Wiest-
(sent you an e-mail?): Idk-
(you laughed with?): Shylebra-
(slept in your bed?): Uhh-
(made you cry?): Idk-
(you shared a drink with?): Shylebra-
(yelled at you?): Shylebra-
(you called?): Brandon-
(you kicked?): Shylebra-
(you saw?): Shylebra

Who Is…
(the most beautiful person you know?): Brandon-Shylebra-Patrick-
(Wo is the weirdest person you know?): Shylebra-
(the funniest person you know?): Shylebra-
(the loudest person you know?): Brandon-
(the quietest person you know?): Random ppl in Wal mart-
(the sweetest person you know?): Shylebra-
(the sorriest person you know?): Whitney-
(the scariest person you know?): Donovan-
(the biggest stoner you know?): Mike-
(your best friend?): Too many 2 name-
(the person you hate the most?): Evan smith-
(the person you see most?): Shylebra-

What Is…

(your most over used phrase on aim?): Idk-
(the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?): When is Shylebra gpnna wake up-
(the wussiest sport?): Croquet-
(song that describes you?): The national anthem-
(your bedtime?): When I fall asleep-
(your greatest accomplishment ) : Being not shy-
(your missed memories?): when i was shy :(-
(your favorite saying/quote?): That right there is funny-I dont care who you are-

The Future…

(what is the age you hope to get married?): When Im in love-
(number and names of kids?): a boy and a girl-lacken & macken
(where do you see yourself at age 20?): Hooters-
(describe your dream wedding?): Pink everywhere-w/ some hott guy and shylebra will b there-
(when and how do you want to die?): while im sleeping-
(what are you career plans?): Hooters-Lawyer
(someplace you like to visit?):Kimper-

Opposite Sex…
(best eye color?): depends on what u look like-
(best hair color?): idk-
(short or long hair?): shaggy-
(best height?): 5'9
(best first date location? : Shylebras back yeard-
(best first kiss location?): Under the sunset!-
(describe your perfect other...) nice-hott-kinda like shylebra-but in boy version-
(what do you notice first?): face-
(worst question to ask them?): would u ever do it up the butt?

Last Time…
(you had a snowball fight?): winter-
(you were listening to music?): last night-
(you were on the internet?): now-
(you drank?): a few minutes ago-
(Jumped in front of a moving car?): umm-dont plan on it?
(you watched TV?): last night-the rugrats movie!!
(you cried?): 2 nights ago-me and shylebra watched the titanic-jack died!!
(you slow danced & w/ who ?) school dance-and i forget all the ppl-

(how many people are on your buddy list?): about 389-
(what hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?): emotional-
(have you felt this recently?): yeah-jack died-
(what do you wear to bed?): shorts & a shirt-
(when's the last time you slept with a stuffed animal?): last night-
(have you ever played ouija board?): yeah-
(what's on your mouse pad?): dont no-
(how many schools have you gone to?): 2
(color of your bedroom carpet ) : my rooms too messy u cant see it-
(would you ever shave your head for $5,000?): No-
(if you were stranded on a island name 1 person you would want to be with and 3 items?): ok changin this 2 ppl and 2 items lol-shylebra and patrick and mac and cheese and fruit loops-
(what changed your life most recently?): Shylebra

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-just another update* [01 Jun 2005|06:04pm]
[ mood | idk-why? ]

-hmm-been pretty normal-went to flordia the past week-had funn-got my first sun burn-lol-went clubbing-and um i came home-and then came to shylebras-hehe-the funniest thing happened t shylebra-well we went and rode the 4wheeler-and umm-neways when we came back shylebra didnt have her key-well ne way-at first we tried to find a open window i could climb thru-all of them were shut so then we made sure all the doors were locked eventually we had to go to the last resort-the doggy door-i had to try to fit thru a poodle sized doggie door to unlock the door-well i ended up getting half my body thru it-with alot of pushing-but i still couldnt reach the handle-soo ne ways i kept trying and like got scraps everywhere-so then we tried me getting a piece of wood an hitting the handle trying o get it to unlock-oo and we tried a steel bar that didnt work either- and then to top it i found out i was laying in poop-and then i go shylebra r u sure u dont have ne spare keys newhere-and then she ran off-to figure out she had a spare key in her car-too bad we pent 2 hours trying to get me in the doggie door-but hey atleats we got in-wow whatta day*

-oh and to my secert admirerer thingie mabober i really wanna no who u r-ive got ur hints and i got in narrowed downn-now i just need a little more from u and life will be dandy-thx*


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comments- [31 May 2005|10:53am]
[ mood | -juss got bak from flordia* ]

ok-juss got done reading a comment on my last entry-and i have been getting a couple comments like that-whoever u r-ur rly sweet-but i rly wanna no who u r-so will u let me no?-thx

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